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Holy angels public school is administered by Dr. M.K. srivastav with well qualified staff(faculty). Holy angels Public School is Looked After by Holy angels Siksha Sansthan and is an English Medium School Of Eastern U.P. This school has wide area located in Peaceful and Convenient Place . this School Has a Pollution Free Environment for Learning and Concentration. The Sports facilities, clean and well ventilated classrooms ensure that the child feels always happy and comfortable. The school established in the year 2000 with students from nursery up-to class 8th. the school got NOC from the state government in 5-6-2010.In 2011 (from April) class 9th was started and the first batch of class 10th passed out in 2012-13..


Education is not merely to provide answers but to equip the pupil with the means to find answer for himself and within himself. It enables students to discover themselves who they are as people why they are on this earth and what they are for. We know that each students has the potential to become a doctor, an engineer, a teacher, an administrator etc. but who support them to channelize resources their dreams thus, generate a civilized and productive human capital for serving our motherland and the world. Education must enable an individual to discover his natural and genuine self by freeing himself from all artificiality. It should touch the soul and should have practical bias and outlook.

About Us

The main motto of this school is to provide the students the knowledge by which they can make themselves as doctors , engineers , administrative officers and continues progress in there lives and serve the society as well as the nation. This School aims at building the confidence and developing personality of the child

Director Profile

Dr.Mantosh Kumar Srivastava is M.B.B.S. from Russia. He is a registered doctor of Utter Pradesh. He also hold diploma in Disaster Management. Currently he is Director of Holy angels Public School Deoria..

Our Faculty

There is no greater gift than that of a teacher who belives in over all development of his/her student . The Faculty of this school is extremely motivational to help children explore their true capability. The first criteria of our faculty is devotion and love towards children. In the children our staff pour the learning of social skills , interpersonal skills , caring , helping and believing. The special quality of our faculty is to ensure that each child gets the attention they deserves.

Our Mission

In 2022 our country is going to complete 75 years of Independence so to make our country literal we have to do following things. First of all we have to make discipline and rule in the school to make students on time. We have not enough attention to the quality aspect of Education while Enrollment, Attendance and Completion are important. It is paramount that every child gets a high quality education to determine if that is indeed happening. We need to focus on learning outcomes and constantly keep testing to make our school good.
In this reference our school prepares students to understand contribute to and succeed in rapidly changing society and thus make the world a better more just place. We will ensure that our students develop both the skills a sound liberal arts education and the competencies essential for success and leadership in the emerging creative economy. We will also lead in generating practical and theoretical knowledge that enables people to better understand our world and improves conditions for local and global communities. We will establish the school where design and social research drive approaches to studying issue of our time such as democracy, urbanization technological change, economy improvement and globalization. We will be the preeminent intellectual and creative centre for effective engagement in world that increasingly demands better designed objects, communication, system and organization to meet social needs. Our goals should be –

Creative innovation and a desire to challenge the status in what and how we teach and in intellectual ambitions of the school itself.

Students engagement, orienting students academic experience to the help them become critically engaged citizens dedicated in solving problems.
We will fulfill our mission by extending the school legacy as a non-traditional college and community.

Our school will focus on and engage with critical contemporary issues with collaborative, project based learning.

Our school has a big library having various types of books concerning education with all facilities. So it is expected that in the next three years the school will improve reading habits of students at all the stages.

Our school is trying to have a class library with other learning resources for hands-on-experiences in the next three years.

The school will develop student friendly, fear-free environment to enhance regularity. It will improve the learning levels to at least 60-80% in three years and 100% by 2022.
The school will prepare the health profile of every child.

We try our best to make literate the persons living nearby community every year.
So we hope that by 2022. Our school will achieve 100% literacy in the nearby community utilizing school resources.

Every year our school has plantation activity and students are inspired for creative environmental awareness. So it is expected that by 2022, the school will achieve plantation of 2000 trees plants in the area where it is located creating environmental awareness among students and sensitizing the community members.

The school will create a mechanism to provide training to all children from class VIII onwards in a skill area which has utility in the local community and in the wider world of work.